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Spotlight on Jason Hawk

Jason Hawk Love Progress 5 Sm

What’s your medium?
I work primarily with metals; steel, bronze, aluminum etc. and recently plastics and concrete have been showing up in my work.

Are you from Chicago?
I have been living in Chicago for the last 7 years, I’m originally from Vermont but have lived all over the country.

Jason Hawk
What do you think of the theme, Love, for 2013? What are you planning for the Festival?
This year’s theme for the Beethoven Festival was a perfect fit for me as a lot of my work deals with consumer culture, it’s twisting of the American dream.

A piece having to do with mass production and the material culture of love seemed like a perfect fit. I’m currently working on a room installation for the Festival that consists of a 10 foot machine and factory-like work station where figurines are produced for mass-consumption. Each figure comes out of the machine with a full head of flower petals and it is the machine operator’s job to pluck all the petals save one (he loves me he loves me not…) and send them off for consumption. This sculpture is very exciting for me as it brings to life another layer of my ongoing series “Fabricated Landscapes”, many of which can be seen on my website.

What makes you excited about IBP 2013?
The Festival seems like a great melting pot of styles and genres and I feel very honored to have been chosen to make such a large contribution to the event.

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