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Spotlight on Chris Silva

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What’s your medium?
I think I have to consider myself a multi-disciplinary artist at this point. From my foundation of graffiti art and skateboarding (which I see as sort of an art/sport) I have been consistently adding new mediums and methods to my process. I tend to mix materials and switch things up frequently.

Are you from Chicago?
I was born in Puerto Rico and moved around quite a bit before arriving in Chicago when I was 11. I recently lived back in Puerto Rico for about 4 years and that made me fully realize what a Chicagoan I truly am. I expect to move away again at some point, but I know I’ll still feel firmly rooted here.


Love Me or Leave Me Alone, by Chris Silva.

Love Me or Leave Me Alone, by Chris Silva.

What inspired you to be part of the Beethoven Festival?
I was inspired by Catinca’s invitation and the fact that it was a perfect fit for me.

What do you think of the theme, Love, for 2013?
I hope that Love will come to the forefront for 2013 and beyond. As artists we often feel pressure to come up with “new” ideas, when so often it’s old ones which really need more emphasis.

What are you planning for the Festival?
I’ll be creating a mixed-media installation for the duration of the festival. I’m thinking of it as an “altar of loving intentions”. I will be giving my love to the creation of a beautiful and harmonious art piece, and inviting the audience to use the space and time to “transmit” love to their selected recipients (which I will also be reminding myself to do).

What makes you excited about Beethoven Festival 2013?
It sounds like an event unlike anything I’ve ever witnessed and it’s exciting to be a part of it.

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