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IBP is very committed to films about Beethoven and to creating and being involved in the production of new films, documentary as well as dramatic. There are several specific projects in the works currently. In particular, Beethoven Festival 2011 (September 14-18) accepted submissions for short films about an aspect of Beethoven’s life, music or both to be premiered at the festival, which took place in Chicago.

IBP produced a short documentary about the Beethoven Project Trio and the World-Premiere performance and recording of Beethoven’s H47 piano trio. The film was directed and edited by Emmy-Award winner Mike Cahill (whose great Sundance prize-winning film Another Earth was recently in theaters).

Most recently, IBP has produced the Bach48 Album, a complete recording of Bach’s Well-Tempered Clavier, along with a complete performance film and a documentary about the project.

We are always looking for existing Beethoven film suggestions as some are difficult to find, as well as for individuals and companies interested in supporting the production of new films. Please email to submit your interest and recommendations.

Beethoven Project Trio documentary