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2012 Steimer Mural

The International Beethoven Project commissioned artist Justin Orvis Steimer to create a permanant mural for the National Pastime Theater in Chicago, in celebration of the 2012 Beethoven Festival

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Introduction by Catinca Tabacaru


Justin Orvis Steimer at Beethoven Festival 2012


Justin Orvis Steimer (in the background) at Beethoven Festival 2012



Justin Orvis Steimer received his BFA from the University of Colorado at Boulder in 2004. He lived and worked in Paris and Buenos Aires before settling in New York in 2006. Currently residing in Bushwick, Brooklyn, he continues to explore the process of scribbling which has been his obsession since childhood. By opening up the mind to allow the surrounding energy, time, space, thought, location and emotion to pass freely through the body, a visual documentation of life at that moment is recorded. Working primarily on found objects ranging from ironing boards to pages cut from books, Steimer embraces the physical, tactile nature of painting as a counter balance to the digital world.

Steimer has had numerous shows at the schoolhouse, where he lives, has been involved with Bushwick Open Studios, the G-train Salon, Fountain Art Fair and is represented by Tinca Art. Most recently, he has been selected for a curated show at Scope Art Fair during Miami Basel this upcoming December.