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Ludwig van Beethoven

Born in Bonn, December 16, 1770
Died in Vienna, March 26 1827

Some suggested resources for detailed, biographical information about Beethoven’s life:


Beethoven-Haus Bonn
Raptus Association extended biographical article

Additional Websites:


Beethoven: The Music and the Life, by Lewis Lockwood
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Beethoven: The Universal Composer, by Edmund Morris
Beethoven: The Emergence and Evolution of Beethoven’s Heroic Style, by Michael Broyles
Beethoven: The First Biography, 1827, by Johann Aloys Schlosser, Barry A. R. Cooper
Beethoven, by Barry Cooper
Beethoven, by Richard Wagner and Arthur Schopenhauer
Beethoven, by Frederick James Crowest
Beethoven: His Spiritual Development by J.W.N. Sullivan
Beethoven, by Ates Orga
Beethoven, by Romain Rolland
Beethoven, by Denis Matthews
Beethoven: Biography of a Genius, by George Richard Marek
Beethoven: The Man who freed music, by Robert Haven Schauffler

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