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please bring your love

Rachel Monosov

Photo by Omri Barel

What’s your medium?
I work most with photography and video but that depends on what I’m working on. Sometimes there are objects involved, which one could consider sculptures.

Are you from Chicago?
I’m not but i like to visit there. Great things going on in Chicago, in the arts and music scene and it’s a bit under the surface, which is something that interests me. I was born in Russia, am Israeli and am now based in Belgium. I know it sounds complicated. Maybe you could write that I’m just not from Chicago.

What inspired you to be part of the Beethoven Festival?
I was present at the festival in 2011. It was a beautiful experience. At that time I was in New York and I decided to go to the festival for 2 days but I found myself staying for a week and from morning to evening listening to all these talented musicians. I’m happy to be part of it this year and curious about the program. The festival has gotten much bigger since i was there.

What do you think of the theme, Love, for 2013?
Love as a theme is challenging. How can we approach it without falling into the cliches of the ideals of romantic love, that which has been presented to us in our culture with fixed signs of how love should be and look?

Even in the film Immortal Beloved (1994), which I’m not a fan of, during the film we are busy searching for the image of the woman, how she looks, how she is, but I think the most interesting part are the contents of the letters and the different sides of Beethoven’s character.

We can imagine Beethoven’s love expressed through his music. Music is the most powerful art form to move our emotions and control them in an immediate way. Music provides a space where we can complete our own images and emotions without signs that are forced upon us. For me, love connects to everything and when you stop believing in the power of it, it’s the same as not believing in a search for truth.

What are you planning for the Festival?
I will shoot photos of the 12 posters of the festival and use love to connect others to the place where I was when I shot the poster and to the people in it. Another thing I’ve planned is a performance with the Seppe Van den Berghe whose electronic music will be combined with themes from Beethoven’s music. He is going to play live with my video work. It’s going to be dark and chaotic, which sometimes love can be. Its going to be at 12am on the 12 of September, please bring your love with you.

Video Still - Rachel Monosov

Video Still – Rachel Monosov



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