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Spotlight on Kiley Ames

GLWP Group

What’s your medium? Are you from Chicago?
My medium for the paintings is oil paint on burlap on panel. For the sculptures it is wire, paper clay, burlap, and oil paint. I am not from Chicago.

What inspired you to be part of the Beethoven Festival?
The creative genius and sensitivity of Beethoven that can be seen both in his writings and music inspired me to be a part of the Beethoven Festival.

Kiley Ames

What do you think of the theme, Love, for 2013?
All the various themes of love are a continuous element that Beethoven explores throughout his musical career and life. The subject of the Beethoven Festival, LOVE is an excellent choice since it both enriches and educates the viewers on both past and present contemporary issues related to love.

What are you planning for the Festival?
My work for the 2013 Beethoven festival embodies this complex relationship between emotional intimacy and instability, questioning and bringing awareness to the contradictions inherent in identities established in the past and sustained or redefined in the present. My images flow between subtle and intense, confrontational and restrained, elegant and raw; in between all the aspects of love.

What makes you excited about IBP 2013?
It will be exciting to see the culmination of the Festival and to know that I, along with other artists, are part of an event that honors one of the greatest and most inspirational artists throughout history.


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