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Beethoven Birthday Bash 249: SPIRIT!

December 13-16, 2019



THANK YOU to all those of you who submitted.


Greetings, Performers, Musicians, and Artists!


The International Beethoven Project is seeking acts for its upcoming Beethoven Birthday Bash Mini Festival December 13th-16th which celebrates the great composer’s 249th birthday through his music, philosophy and life. We do so to honor the artist’s unique and powerful contributions to our world, to inspire artists and audiences everywhere, and to spread his message of hope and unity to all.


We are seeking acts and artworks which are connected or inspired by Beethoven’s life and music. This can include, for example, performing a classical work in a traditional way or creating a performance piece based on letters written by the composer. Visual art can be in any medium or genre. You can make your work available for sale or just for display. Any sales are subject to a 50% commission to the International Beethoven Project not-for-profit, so please mark prices accordingly to what you would like to receive for your work if it sells. 


Our sub-theme this year is SPIRIT


Beethoven Birthday Bash: SPIRIT.  “We have to ask ourselves why it is even important to celebrate Beethoven. He is one of the most famous composers to have ever lived and his music is regularly programmed around the world every season. What remains 250 years from his birth? How does Beethoven still participate in our musical and cultural evolution? What can we still learn from him, about him, about his music? How has he, directly and indirectly, influenced our world and how does he continue to do so today?”


To answer and debate these questions is why this year’s theme is called SPIRIT. We will seek it through music, art, conversation, experimentation, movement, meditation, and more throughout the Beethoven Birthday Bash events and then beyond, throughout the course of the entire year in different formats in real life and online. 

Beethoven’s spirit lives on in his passionate compositions, it remains alive in his love of nature, it weaves truth in his odes to joy. To celebrate his birthday, we lift our spirits, humbly look upon the vast universe, and share this human experience we call life. 


Click the following links if any of this sparks an idea and please fill out the form:




Visual Art


Please submit by November 8th. Selections will be made by November 15th.


We look forward to making some Beethoven magic with you all!



The International Beethoven Project Team