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LOVE 2013 Art Show

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EVER OURS: The LOVE 2013 Art Show
SEPTEMBER 6 – 15, 2013

Free Opening Reception: First Friday, Sept. 6th, 6-10pm
Merit School Of Music
38 S Peoria St.

Ludwig van Beethoven’s last words to his Immortal Beloved, “ever ours,” foreshadow his eternal life as muse.

From video to painting, sculpture to music, fashion to interaction, this year, 35 artists hailing from 10 countries, 10 fashion designers and 90+ performers explore love in all its grandeur and tragedy.

This space. This time. The energy that vibrates within Chicago and between all of us will be reflected in 100 events over 9 days, titillating all your senses. Join us for Beethoven Festival: LOVE 2013!

xo Catinca Tabacaru, Curator & Art Director
Music Director Aurelien Pederzoli & Artistic Director George Lepauw send their love




Artist in Residence Rachel Monosov will perform at midnight on September 12th, 2013 with Seppe Van den Berghe as STILTE (SILENCE). This world premier of the original composition mixes live and recorded music, video works, dance and vocals. The piece lends itself to the hearing impaired who can access the music through visuals and vibrations. In addition, Brian Steckel leads artists Danielle Lurie, Jessica Sladek, Yapci Ramos, Robb Stone and Monosov as they illuminate nightly concerts.


Jason Hawk interrogates how consumer culture twists the American Dream. He is working 16-hour days to finish Love Me Love Me Not, a ten-foot tall piece exploring the commercialism of love. Japanese artist Shinji Murakami uses his love of 8-bit video game expressions, simple vector lines and child-like drawing characters to contemplate both the simplest expression of a subject, and the most important lens through which to perceive it. For LOVE 2013 he offers us his Heart. Other sculptural objects by Laura Davis, Marita Bolles, Julie Amrany and Jyl Bonaguro.


At the end of Beethoven Festival: Revolution 2012, Art Director Catinca Tabacaru said: “Next year I want an enormous heart hanging from the ceiling above the piano. An organ, not a heart symbol! It will light in time with a sound sensor.” Eric Gushee is currently making this vision a reality. The finesse of his wire work exceeds anything Catinca could have hoped for. Justin Orvis Steimer, whose live painting during last year’s Festival the Chicago Tribune called “a fascinating cross-genre experience,” returns with a public project — painting weekdays from 2-6pm at 2 N. Riverside Plaza (across the Chicago River from the Lyric Opera) and Saturdays from noon-2pm. Other special projects by Chris Silva and Christian Quesnel will be ongoing throughout the Festival.


In a world of multidisciplinary artists, re-purposed materials and 3D printing, it takes a love for tradition to still appreciate the art of painting. Luckily, this Festival knows a thing or two about tradition! We are proud to present Michael Van Zeyl, Shawn Stucky, GILF!, Nate Otto, Georgeta Gabrovski, and festival regulars Carly Ivan Garcia and Gail Stoicheff.



In attempting to organize 35 brilliantly unique artists into a few simple categories, there were a few who refused to fit. Bringing their work to thrill you are conceptually driven Xavier Robles de Medina and Amie Lin, politically charged Greg Haberny, burlap and paint alchemist Kiley Ames, etcher Laura Myntti, collage artist Doug Stapleton, neon bender Meryl Pataky, intimate photographer Sophia Petrides & woodworker Trevor O’Neil.


Directors Skip Grisham, Inese Driehaus and Ted Seymour bring you a stylish feast. The ten young designers selected are daring and texturally rich. Fashion will bring a surprising twist on the way we view classical performance. World, please welcome Alison Blankley, Rachel Frank, Agnes Hamerlink, Elaine Hoang, Erin Von Kannon, Nicole Maret, Cynthia Roman, Austin Yamada, Sandra Yau, and Festival veteran Haj Gueye.

It is an experience to behold and cherish. We hope you join us. xo

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The International Beethoven Project, a Chicago-based non-profit, is dedicated to the promotion of revolutionary culture, inspired by the music and life of Ludwig van Beethoven (1770–1827), one of the most ground-breaking artists of all time. Its mission is accomplished through the presentation of an annual Beethoven Festival, concerts, mixed-media exhibits, lectures, the production of recordings and films, the commissioning of new music and art, publications and educational outreach in schools and universities, as well as in non-traditional venues. The unconventional and multidisciplinary Beethoven Festival was inspired by concert pianist and Founding Artistic Director George Lepauw’s cultural explorations of Paris, London, Beijing and New York. The inaugural festival in 2011 presented 25 concerts over five days in Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood; in 2012, it grew to over 60 events spanning nine days, based out of the National Pastime Theater in Uptown, Chicago. This year’s festival, headquartered in the West Loop neighborhood, will feature over 100 events spanning classical and new music, visual art, fashion, literature and education. Beethoven’s vision of humanity, justice and “brotherhood” inspires us to build a better world through music and art, continuing the dialogue that is necessary between past, present and future generations of artists in order for culture and civilization to flourish.

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We look so forward to the lush space they are designing to house LOVE 2013.

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