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Who’s Who


Executive Committee

George Lepauw
Founder, President and Artistic Director

Mischa Zupko
Director of New Music Projects

Catinca Tabacaru
Director of Visual Art Projects

Lucile Agaisse
Marketing & Development

Sasha Ongtengco
Marketing & Events

Mika Allison

Brittainy Barattia

Michael J. Huft
Legal Counsel, Schiff Hardin

Dave Van der Laan
Legal Counsel, Edwards Wildman

Steve Ballen, CPA
Accountant, Ballen CPA

Honorary Board

Charles Rosen, ex-officio
Elzbieta Penderecka
Max Wilcox
Mike Cahill
James F. Green
Alessandra Comini
Phil Grabsky
Dominique Prévot

General Advisory Board

Tony Karman
Bill Bartolotta
Rolf Achilles
Colleen Loughlin
Aleksandra Jovanovic
Larry Block
Didier Lepauw
Jane Lepauw
William Kinderman

Special Advisors and Committee Members

Evelyn Daitchman
Anya Yermakova
Jerry Fuller
Dawn Gingrich
Jeff Tasch
Brian Crusoe
David Reithoffer
Michael Scott Carter
Gilles Aniorte-Tomassian
Claire Molek
Anastasia Royal
Genevieve Thiers
Consuelo Lepauw

Special Thanks

International Beethoven Project would like to pay special thanks to all the festival volunteers who worked tirelessly to make Beethoven Festival: LOVE 2013 possible:

Antoinette Catalla (stage manager)
Mollie Laylin
Tanya Roberts
Stacey Herman
Erick Valenzuela
David Reithoffer
Maria Dacy
Henry Zheng
Brittany Grad
Lindsay Bromberek
Leslie MacLean
Tricia Downs
Vitaly Briskin
Isabella Palacios
Jon Fasano
Tom Stamper
Stephen Diamond
Shelley Barattia
Volunteers who graciously hosted festival artists:
Diane Pomierski
Olga and Phil Connor
Bill McCluskey
June and Klaus Groner