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The International Beethoven Project is dedicated to the promotion of culture and civilization through music, art and humanity in all of its most inspired forms. Guided by Beethoven’s spirit and creative courage, IBP seeks to promote a dialogue between contemporary creation and the greatest artistic achievements of humanity for the benefit of living artists, thinkers and the public at large. Making the world more beautiful, socially-cohesive and economically stable through the creative arts is IBP’s long-term goal, shining a light on Beethoven’s unwavering belief in the potential and inherent goodness of humanity.


The IBP Vision

George Lepauw founded the International Beethoven Project in order to make possible the world premiere performance and recording of Beethoven’s Piano Trio in E Flat Major, Hess 47. The excitement created in the public and the press by this event reawakened a curiosity and passion for Beethoven and his music that surprised George and his colleagues. It was especially interesting to notice that many people who were not traditionally classical music fans came to the concerts of the Beethoven Project Trio or bought their recording. Coupled with George’s own lifelong passion for Beethoven (his first public concert at the age of ten in Paris was an all Beethoven program), building the IBP into a long-term project became an obvious choice to make. However, George’s interest in Beethoven, and especially the creation of IBP, was never intended to promote Beethoven’s musical canon alone, which never needed any defending. Rather, George saw it as an opportunity to deepen our understanding of Beethoven’s works through a historical perspective, as well as, and perhaps more importantly, to use Beethoven as inspiration and as idea to help move our civilization and culture forward. And what is the idea of Beethoven if not one of perseverance in the face of adversity, of optimism for humanity in the face of war, of unhinged artistic exploration in the face of stale traditions? Beethoven’s entire being was motivated by the future, a better future, and that is why his greatest works still stand as music of the future.

It is with the future in mind that IBP’s vision was established:

All actions of IBP focus on the interaction between local and international dialogues.

To grow IBP’s Beethoven Festival concept in Chicago, make it accessible to all and bring it to venues around the world.

To unite the arts and creative people around the idea of Beethoven.

To inspire children and adults through Beethoven’s music and story.

To educate and inspire by producing shows of the highest quality, radio programs, documentary and dramatic films, articles, books, and other media.

To help support the most talented young musicians and artists.

To build excitement and plan major celebrations around the world for Beethoven’s 250th anniversary in 2020.

To make December 16th a global celebration of Beethoven’s Birthday.

To broadcast the first remote-live performance of Beethoven from space.